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May 2008


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omegazen in best_of_seoul

[SIGN UP] Battle - Flying Up

And here's the second sign-up ^_^

What's Up
I'm About to Introduce
Brand New Hot Track
C'mon, c'mon!

Snap Back and Clap (snap back and clap)
and Uh, Listen to My Rap (and uh listen to my rap)
With the Tight Rapper LIO
Uh Now Let's Go Come On

You say naega eoddeon maleul haedoh
Nae gaen deulreoji anhaetji
Namdeul ee meohra haedoh eeshim jangee ddwee neun keon

How Come na eue bulddan goh dok whee roh
Nara ohrabeoreon shigandeul ee
Nal hyanghae oheo chyeodaen hanmadi

It’s flying up what you see me
Eemi nalgae jiseun shijak dwaeteo
Neo eul yeol jeong eul yeoleobwa
It’s flying up what you see me
Ee jaen duryeo umeun eobseul keoya
Ee gil kkeut ggaji nalaga

Ok let’s go let’s go
Koh dokhan eensaeng yeong hwa juyeon eun na go
Nal hyang haeseo ohneul jeo kang hanbohk bungdoh
Museob jidoh duryeobji doh anheulkeol shiji ahnkoh
Dae yang gwakatee tteul keoun eebideureul seulkyeo
Naega seumae sumgyeo jyeo eetneun bohseok eul kakkweo
Jeoha neul bichuneun sae hayan nalkaereul pyeol chyeo
Sum shil su eobshi eodeumee
Kadeuk cha yeon ga reul nala ryeo
Uh let me go

hwaryeo han momjit deulae
ppa jyeo deuleo beoreen nae maeum
ee boda meotjeen kkumeun
eopseul keo ragoh mideot ji

I know heo na eereon mohseup deulee
Nawi jeon buneun ahniji
Na manae wae jimdeuleun
Jakeun nal kaeroh pyeon haega

(Hey hey hey~) eoduwetji man soh jung han shigan
jeo meol reo nara kagoh
sang cheomal namaseodoh nan dashi eel eoseogoh
bikkyeo seotdaen naeja shineul chuseul reo bwah
shil ppae ka ohgi ga yong gika dwee eo
ddoh dashi dohjeon haebwa
sae rohp kae buldda ohreul neun nae ga seumi kyeol shim
een nae hada himnae daga kkeut nae neun machim nae
nal won haneun keukoht eul hyang hae nal kae reul pyeo nae
nara oreu nae nugudoh daheul sueop neun ko sae

It’s flying up what you see me
Eemi nalgae jiseun shijak dwaeseo
Nyeo eul yeol jeong eul yeoleo bwa
It’s flying up what you see me
Ee jaen duyeoumeun eopseul keoya
Ee gil kkeut kkaji nalaga

You know um
Even When
The Darkness Silently Falls
The Light Will Always Shine
I'm Not Afraid of the Suffering
Huh, Spreading Out My Dream
It's In Front of my Eyes
The Train Without A Break
Will never stop
The Journey to the Greatest Future

Kwae roh eumgwa goh dongwi shigyeong ddawein anh sseugoh
Ahpum eul ddwechyeo ohn himeul daseulgo
Neom chi neun paweo mohdeun keoseul dameo
Neoae kae da bohyeo jumyeo kkeut kkaji ssaweo
Nawi ja shineul
Jokeum deo kangha kae jayu rohp kae
Yae jeon gwa dareukae man deuleo naeki wihae
Moh deunji hal suka eetkiae
Ee eensaengeul eekyeo nae

It’s flying up what you see me
Eemi nalgae jiseun shijak dwaeteo
Neo eul yeol jeong eul yeoleobwa
It’s flying up what you see me
Ee jaen duryeo umeun eobseul keoya
Ee gil kkeut ggaji nalaga

(Lio/Ryu/KiHyun) Meo nameon gil deuleul keol eoseo
Ahpeuri sseuleo jyeodoh
Hang sang da shi ileo seoseo pulga eung eun eopseo
Shil paera neun daneo neun nauwi meori sokanae
John jae haji ahnae yo ohn momeul daen jimyeo
Kyeo sokdal ryeoka jeong sangwee jareo reul hyang hae
Nal meom chuji ahna joh keum deo
Kang han mohseupeul kki weo kaneun nareul kikkyeo bwa
Nae sunae neun microphone eul kohak sapa

[During last rap]
(TaeHwa/HwiChan/Chris) It's flying up (It's flying up~) (ooh no)
What you see me (what you see me what you see me ooh wow)
It's flying up (ooh ooh ooh~)
What you see me (what you see me)

It's flying up

Lio -
Ryu - omegazen
TaeHwa -
HwiChan - starrcandi
KiHyun -
Chris -

.:Sing on time and no background noise. For instance, singing along as the song plays with your headphones on :3
.:Send me your part(s) in any format to omegazen @ gmail . com
.:Deadline is May 23
.:If you signed up for the other collab, wait and let others sign up for this one. After a week if there are still open spots, you can join in. ^_^



Hooray~ :D
Whoaz, it's been forever since I've been here o_o And apparently my f-list is not reliable, since I completely missed these posts. Or maybe I was too busy getting adjusted to work o_o

Glad to see that you're trying to make the comm active! I'll see whether I remember these songs (if they're still active, that is), because it's been a while since I listened to Battle and Shinhwa >___> And I suppose I should update my list of instrumentals too, which has been poorly neglected o_o

Wowww! I'm surprised XD I was just about to give up on this comm too TT_TT

Since no one had signed up on this one, me and starrcandi were just gonna do this as a duet, but you're welcome to pick a part/parts if you want~ :D
I admit... I forgot about this comm for a while o_o Kind of hard not to though, since it wasn't very active (and still isn't, but that will be changed!!)

I haven't actually listened to a lot of Battle/Shinhwa so err... I might sit these ones out. Although I might familiarize myself with this one since there's only two people.... what's the deadline for this song now?

While I err... have suitemates that I would rather not hear me sing, I'm pretty sure I can find time when they're not around XDD
Well, I don't exactly have much of deadlines in my head right now, because I'm working two jobs and that takes up all of my time everyday, so I never have time to record anything. The only time I'd definitely be able to sing would be the end of August, but that's the start of school...

So, if it takes you a while to get time by yourself to sing XD Don't worry. I probably wouldn't have found time for myself to sing "XD
haa~ OK then.

Let's revive the comm! (albeit sloooowly XD)