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May 2008


Completed projects

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i am not dreaming

fundamental_lov in best_of_seoul

The deadline for the TPL/Sky collabs is nearing, but I've only received the parts from one person.
Please get your parts in. Or contact me. If I don't hear from you, I'll open the songs to anyone else who would want to participate on March 13th.
I hate to be harsh, but I don't want to postrone a project for months because of one person.

Thanks! :]


Erm, I am really sorry! My mike has somehow been damaged and I'm not at a place I can get one quickly so I guess you should open up my part in SKY to someone else. I'm so sorry and I was definitely looking forward to this!
hm... how soon could you get it fixed?
I can hold the part open until thursday, since I don't want people to miss out. If not, then there is always next time. :]
Hmm, just give it to someone cuz I'm really not sure :) Thanks! I'm really sorry!
Duh, I 'm just a little stupid. Recorded and uploaded my parts, but forgot to post...
So they're here.
I hope MF is okay. If not I'll upload to a different server ^^
Thanks. :]
It sounds great, but I'll alert you once I start mixing if there are any problems.
really sorry, will definitely record it tomorrow. RL has been a bit hectic lately with coursework deadlines.
no problem, just reminding people. :]
I'm currently stalking the comm :x March 13th has passed... :'D I think I'm way too excited about these collabs O_O
I'm really looking forward to hear the TPL collab, are you still doing it? ^^ I hope I can get a mic so maybe I can join in on the fun ;D