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May 2008


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azurehook in best_of_seoul

Hello! Intro Post from n00b.

Hello! I discovered this through milena_1980 and didn't even know this type of thing even existed ^^;; (yes, I am slow on the fandom divergences in general...like RP).

In either case, I'm 24 (yeah, I'm older :p) and am in the Washington DC area. I'm Japanese American and speak Japanese on a colloquial level (my business Japanese is not so hot). I can also read/write it to some extent. My other language skills are English (native) and a bit of Spanish.

I love to sing, but I haven't done so in a public place since... um... high school glee club? I'm a little nervous about doing this sort of thing (since my singing skillz are not that great) but I'm craving to sing in Japanese like no tomorrow since it's hard to do karaoke around here (or at least find venues with the songs I like).

I actually have quite a few instrumentals of Utada (and some anime songs, but I don't know if that's something people would really be interested in), so I'll comment on the instrumentals list. I also love DBSK (as you can tell by my usericon), m-flo, Gackt, capsule, Perfume, and others.

Nice to meet you all! I'm PUMPED. ^_^v


You joined!! Yay!!! ;D

Yes I did! though OMG, I haven't sang in like, years O.O *hopes she's not horrible but is giddy nonetheless*
*waves Hi*
Karaoke is ♥ *is in need of that!*
I speak English and Mandarin fluently and I'm trying to learn Japanese (random!)

haha, no that's cool. I could never learn Chinese... all those tones O.O but if you ever need help with Japanese, lemme know ^^
こちらこそ、よろしくお願いします。 (\^o^/)

(PS--it should be a "く" and not a "き" in "よろしく")

ACK! I did know that - was one of the first things taught in class. !!!*thwaps self*
hahaha no problem, figured it was a typo ^^
awesome! Welcome to the community. ;]
I'm glad this is a one of a kind community, but hey, crazed fangirl (rather appreciate fan) actions cannot be stopped or averved. Welcome aboard and I can't wait to hear you sing! Native speakers usually have the best pronounciation...

haha, whatever way we can show appreciation for our loves right? XD

I think that's the main thing I have going for me right now (pronunciation). I actually tested out my microphone in my computer, and checked out recording software. It's SO weird for me to hear my singing voice -- I definitely didn't realize how I sounded ^^;;