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May 2008


Completed projects

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fundamental_lov in best_of_seoul


I would like to open this with an open apology.
I have been away from LJ unexpectedly and for a long time (full story on my LJ)
But I was sick and infectious and dying, and therefore not allowed to overgerm my PC.

Which brings me to my first point.
I would like a co-mod or two.
Not just someone who wants an 'officer' position, but rather a person who can dedicate the time and back me up in the case that this happens again.
Plus, I travel a lot for school and dragged around by others. I can think of entire week-ends I'll miss,
so if you'll be patient enough just to make sure that the rules are obeyed and everything is going well and splendid and are available on near-whim for extended periods of time. (which doesn't sound like a good description, but this is fun... really :] ), this job is for you.
Please let me know here or on my LJ or through a message.

Which brings me to me second point -
The community profile is updated with a crappy rule graphic.
Check it out, if it does not make you cringe.
And since the rules are up, please obey this meager amount of limitation.

Which brings me to my third, last, and most important point.....

The first two collabs are open!! <333

Sign-ups will work this way.
I''l post the song, parts, instrumentals a day in advance.
People will have time to look and decide.
And then there will be a time when the song is going to be open a day after so people in different timezones are not at a disarvantage.

By popular demand and personal whim, the first two songs are...

TPL - Anyband

SKY - DBSK (back story to this, so bear with me)


welcome back! I could help you I guess. So....ANYBAND! WOOT!
Welcome back!! I'm glad you're okay ^_^

I could help, as well, if you needed someone else.

DYING?! OMG! I hope you are better! <3

I could possibly help, since the only thing I'm doing until September is being beta on a few fanfics (by a few, I mean one XD), and other fandom-related whatnot. That is, if I get accepted to this college. If I don't get accepted...I dunno, what my schedule's gonna look like, (O_O).

I would be happy to help you! :3

I haven't had any past experience being a moderator, but I learn very fast! I'm pretty patient and I've read the rules for this community. Also...I pretty much have no life except for the occasional concert/performance irl! XD I think I'll be able to do a good job! ^-^
Glad you're back! And collabs, yay! ^______^

I guess there's enough help by now, but if you still need some, you can count me in as well ^^
I can help you with being co-mod as well ^^;;
I have no experience however.. but I'd like to help .. XD;