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May. 9th, 2008



[SIGN UP] Battle - Flying Up

And here's the second sign-up ^_^

Snap back and-ah clap!Collapse )

Lio -
Ryu - omegazen
TaeHwa -
HwiChan - starrcandi
KiHyun -
Chris -

.:Sing on time and no background noise. For instance, singing along as the song plays with your headphones on :3
.:Send me your part(s) in any format to omegazen @ gmail . com
.:Deadline is May 23
.:If you signed up for the other collab, wait and let others sign up for this one. After a week if there are still open spots, you can join in. ^_^</b>



[SIGN UP] Shinhwa - How Do I Say I Love You

o_o Well, seeing how nothing's been updated for around two months, I guess it's safe to say... the comm died? "XD In an attempt to revive it, I give you... two sign-ups! To fulfill my current Shinhwa bias give a miniscule amount of variety to the sign-ups, the first one is Shinhwa, and the second is Battle. I hope people will join~ XP

I think she's fine~Collapse )

MinWoo -
DongWan - sirenasfun
HyeSung - starrcandi
Andy - leechunsa
JunJin -
Eric - omegazen

.:Sing on time and no background noise. For instance, singing along as the song plays with your headphones on :3
.:This is the "Rock and Roll" version from their Summer Story, since it already has an instrumental track
.:Send me your part(s) in any format to omegazen @ gmail . com
.:Deadline is May 23</b>


Mar. 10th, 2008

i am not dreaming


(no subject)

The deadline for the TPL/Sky collabs is nearing, but I've only received the parts from one person.
Please get your parts in. Or contact me. If I don't hear from you, I'll open the songs to anyone else who would want to participate on March 13th.
I hate to be harsh, but I don't want to postrone a project for months because of one person.

Thanks! :]

Feb. 27th, 2008



So now that the collabs have the designated singers, it's time to set deadlines and do rules. (all fun stuff)

Please message me your parts by
March 12, 2008

I want to be strict about deadlines.
- Unless you are dying from a vile ailment or a member of DBSK has just proposed to you and you are too busy planning your wedding, be on time. Many colllabs fail because of procrastination.
- Please record without the background music. The how-to is in the FAQ. Slight soundis acceptable, but if it is loud, it will override the singing when mixed.
- Message me the parts as an attachment, or post them in a random comment on my LJ.
- It is alright to send everything part by part instead of altogether. It might even be easier.
- Please label the files with your name and the name of the part (whether color or singer)


p.s. I will need someone to listen over to the songs to check for quality/balance. Only one person, so whoever asks first will get it. ^^

thanks to omegazen

Feb. 26th, 2008



Just wanted some feedback - is this okay? ;)

My intro post is already here

I've already posted this on my own LJ so friends, bare with me...

Me singing a Chinesepop songCollapse )


Hello! Intro Post from n00b.

EDIT: Figured I should do this on a cut, since it's a little bit longer than I expected ^^;;Collapse )

Feb. 24th, 2008


Under the ah.. August sky...


Let's talk play, and love...



I would like to open this with an open apology.
I have been away from LJ unexpectedly and for a long time (full story on my LJ)
But I was sick and infectious and dying, and therefore not allowed to overgerm my PC.

Which brings me to my first point.
I would like a co-mod or two.
Not just someone who wants an 'officer' position, but rather a person who can dedicate the time and back me up in the case that this happens again.
Plus, I travel a lot for school and dragged around by others. I can think of entire week-ends I'll miss,
so if you'll be patient enough just to make sure that the rules are obeyed and everything is going well and splendid and are available on near-whim for extended periods of time. (which doesn't sound like a good description, but this is fun... really :] ), this job is for you.
Please let me know here or on my LJ or through a message.

Which brings me to me second point -
The community profile is updated with a crappy rule graphic.
Check it out, if it does not make you cringe.
And since the rules are up, please obey this meager amount of limitation.

Which brings me to my third, last, and most important point.....

The first two collabs are open!! <333

Sign-ups will work this way.
I''l post the song, parts, instrumentals a day in advance.
People will have time to look and decide.
And then there will be a time when the song is going to be open a day after so people in different timezones are not at a disarvantage.

By popular demand and personal whim, the first two songs are...

Jan. 31st, 2008



Hi thar! 8D

Er...I'm really bad at introductions, actually! ^-^

My name is Victoria, and I'm a mix of...a lot of Southeast Asian, but mostly Thai and Laotion. as of right now, I'm 16 years old (using the solar calendar). I love singing all kinds of languages, but I really love to sing in Asian languages. Some of my hobbies besides singing are reading, dancing, writing, RPing...and that's about it, because I really don't have a life! XD Besides Suju (my biggest, most favorite fandome ever <3) and TVXQ, I like F.T Island and So Nyeo Shi Dae! I really respect Bi Rain, Se7en, Lee Soo Young, and recently, I The Tri Tops (because they're voices make me 8).

As for my singing style and range...I think my forte is R&B, but I can sing many other styles, too (because I'm so persistant and beat myself up if I don't get it right XD;;)! I have a pretty decent range; I can go very low...and I think it's because I always sing to songs from male artists! ^-^ I can go pretty high, too, especially in falsetto, but I'm about to get vocal lessons so that I can improve and maybe sing those high notes in a full voice! =]

Anyway, I really love doing collabs! I'm a member of Soompi Forums and AMBITION mainly because of the collaborations that take place. Joining this comm makes me really excited! ^-^

And...I think that's all? XD *phailz*

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